Top 5 3D Printers Under £500 in the UK: Unleash Your Creativity Without Breaking the Bank


Paige Tynan

2/14/20242 min read


Price: £363.99

For the Detail Devotee: If your passion lies in intricate, high-resolution prints, look no further than the ELEGOO MARS 4 Max. This resin powerhouse boasts a whopping 13.6" 8K monochrome LCD screen, ensuring unparalleled detail and clarity. Its massive build volume (200 x 300 x 125 mm) accommodates larger projects, while the dual linear rails and ball screw system guarantee exceptional printing stability. This premium choice might break the £500 barrier slightly, but for detail-obsessed creators, it's worth the investment.

2. Creality CR-10 SE

Price: £188.10

The All-Around Ace: Known for its reliability and user-friendliness, the Creality CR-10 SE shines as a versatile, budget-conscious option. This FDM printer offers a generous build volume (300 x 300 x 400 mm), perfect for tackling diverse projects. Features like CR Touch auto bed leveling, a Sprite direct extruder for smooth filament feeding, and dual Z-axis lead screws for enhanced stability make it a breeze to use and deliver consistent results. The CR-10 SE strikes the perfect balance between affordability and capability, making it a popular choice for beginners and experienced makers alike.

3. Creality Halot-Mage Pro

Price: £439.00

The Resin Speedster: Step up your resin printing game with the Creality Halot-Mage Pro. This impressive printer boasts a massive 10.3" 8K LCD screen, delivering exceptional detail and resolution. Its blistering 170mm/h print speed is significantly faster than most competitors, saving you valuable time. Features like smart resin pump automation, an integrated air purifier, and Wi-Fi connectivity add convenience and efficiency to your workflow. While pricier than some options, the Halot-Mage Pro offers impressive speed, detail, and automation for ambitious resin printing projects.

4. ELEGOO Saturn 2

Price: £262.00

The Resin Powerhouse: Another ELEGOO gem, the Saturn 2, caters to creators seeking a balance between detail and affordability. Its 8.9" 4K monochrome LCD screen delivers impressive resolution, while the ample build volume (192 x 120 x 245 mm) accommodates larger projects. Features like dual linear rails for stability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a user-friendly touchscreen interface make it a well-rounded choice for both beginners and experienced users. If intricate resin prints are your goal, the Saturn 2 offers fantastic value within budget.

5. ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X

Price: £363.99

Large-Scale Resin Printing: Pushing the boundaries of size, the ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X boasts a massive 9.1" 6K monochrome LCD screen and a cavernous build volume (192 x 120 x 293 mm). This resin behemoth tackles large-scale projects with incredible detail and precision. With features like dual Z-axis linear rails, dual linear rails for stability, and a Wi-Fi connection for convenient operation, it caters to ambitious creators seeking impressive scale in their resin prints. Be aware, its size and capabilities come at a premium price.

Photo by Kadir Celep on Unsplash

The sub-£500 3D printing market is bursting with options, making choosing the perfect printer a thrilling yet daunting task. Whether you crave high-definition resin prints or large-scale FDM creations, fear not! This curated list unveils five top contenders on Amazon UK, each catering to specific printing needs and preferences.

Remember: This list is a snapshot, and prices may fluctuate. Research and compare features before diving in. Consider your printing needs, budget, and desired level of detail when making your choice.