3DGS: Unveiling the Magic of Video-Based 3D Scanning


Paige Tynan

2/15/20242 min read

Photo by Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash

Remember the bulky scanners and complex software that felt like an exclusive club for professionals? Well, step aside, because 3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS) is redefining 3D scanning with just a smartphone or tablet! But before you whip out your phone and start waving it around, let's dive into the fascinating world of 3DGS and unlock its magic.

What is 3DGS?

Imagine this: you walk around an object, recording a video with your phone. That simple video gets uploaded, and boom! You have a detailed 3D model in your hands. That's the magic of 3DGS. It analyzes the video, capturing depth information and reconstructing the object's 3D geometry.

Why is it exciting?

Accessibility: Forget expensive scanners and complicated setups. 3DGS makes 3D scanning available to everyone with a smartphone!

Simplicity: No need for markers or special lighting. Just record a video, and the software does the heavy lifting.

Portability: Scan anything, anywhere. Capture objects outdoors, at museums, or even in your living room.

Speed: Generate 3D models in minutes, compared to the traditional scanning process that can take hours.

But are there limitations?

Like any technology, 3DGS has its limitations. Complex geometries with intricate details might not be captured perfectly. However, the ease of use and accessibility make it perfect for various applications:

Hobbyists and makers: Design and print custom parts, create 3D models for games, or scan unique objects for preservation.

Educators: Bring objects to life in the classroom for interactive learning experiences.

Businesses: Scan products for online stores, create prototypes, or document artifacts and cultural heritage.

Ready to explore 3DGS?

Several apps and online services utilise 3DGS technology. Popular options include KIRI Engine, Polycam, and Catch. Each offers unique features and pricing models. Experiment and find the one that suits your needs!


  • Good lighting and smooth video recording are crucial for optimal results.

  • Start with simple objects and gradually move towards more complex shapes.

  • The technology is evolving rapidly, so expect even more impressive capabilities in the future.

So, unleash your inner 3D scanning wizard! With 3DGS, the world around you becomes your digital playground. Capture, create, and share your 3D creations, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with just a smartphone in your hand.